ASCIICAT Creations
Original classic Anime style art.
And other stuff...

holiday chibi dogs
a pencil drawing in the style of 1960's sci-fi book covers of a woman sitting down while wearing a futuristic dress
vocaloid hatsune miku
original anime art of people with fire for wings
An Anime style Green Fairy
Anime style Catgirls on the grass
gir dancing
a pencil 60's sci-fi style portrait drawing of an elf woman
an anime chibi style drawing resembling link and a dog
a sci fi style pencil drawing resembling jessica rabbit
an anime style drawing of vocaloid teto
Excel Saga style High Five! Ate the dog!
a chibi sesshomaru, teething like a vampire
an anthropomorphic gir being denied cupcakes
a magical catgirl in the midst of changing dimensions
a classic anime style reimagining of the vocaloid SeeU as a chibi
sailor moon grown up is Usagi, and here she rules the universe
Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell
an abstract of Ed from Cowboy Bebop in formal wear
a butterfly visits a vaporeon pokemon with broken leg
an abstract anime style drawing of link and midna with a starry background
a female warrior takes a rest after an intense sword battle
chibiusa, i.e. chibi sailor moon, and pegasus in a warm embrace
if sesshomaru from the series inuyasha had a sister, this would be her
two anthropomorphic chibi style dogs relaxing after a long day of being chibis
a chibi elf girl cuddling with a doll
an anthropomorphic gir from invader zim in an odd situation
chibi simon with his dragon
an anime style drawing of hatsune mike striking a pose